Our visit to a swingers club

Our visit to a swingers clubThis is a true story about our first trip to the Red Rooster in Las Vegas.My name is Lynlee. I am 5’4” 120 lbs and in good shape, I keep active. My husband is Charles. He is 5’6” 200lbs with a big manly beard.Charles and I have been in the lifestyle for about 9 years now. We are still active and play with new couples and singles pretty often. About 5 years ago we heard from another couple about a swingers club in Vegas called the Red Rooster. We did some research online and found an address. We read some reviews of the place, some good, some bad. It was hard to tell from the reviews how the place would be. Imagining a single male that had a slow night there would of course leave a worse review than the guy that fucked 3 different sluts in one night. Charles and I made arrangements for my mom to watch the k**s for the weekend, we both took Friday off work and we drove the 6 hours down to Vegas. Knowing we would be out until late we didn’t do much during the day Friday. We hung out at the hotel and pool and had sex a few times. The Red Rooster didn’t open until 10pm. We figured that if it opened at 10, people wouldn’t really show up until after about 10:30. Around 9:30 we both showered and I started getting ready. Charles couldn’t keep his hand off of me as I stayed naked while putting my makeup on, which inevitably lead to more sex yet again. Finally, I was able to finish getting ready. I wore a short white skirt, long brown leather boots and a cute pink t-shirt. I had on a hot pink lacey bra and matching pink lacey panties. We headed out the door, stopping at a corner shop to pick up a bottle of vodka, as the Red Rooster had a BYOB policy. We then followed the voice in the phone as it lead us to the address. First glances, the Red Rooster is just like somebody’s house. There are neighboring houses to it, the only difference really was that the Rooster had a big parking lot. The lot was probably big enough to hold about 40 cars. It was about half full when we parked. Feeling super shy, we both went to the door. I remember watching all houses windows around us, just knowing I would catch some old lady shame staring at us but I didn’t.We went in the front door and met a lady at a table who asked for the money, it was $50 for a couple and $50 for a single male. Single women were only $10. She asked if we had been there before and we said no. She explained how it worked.The downstairs had a bar, you need to check in your alcohol. There was a small dance floor, a hot tub, and larger ‘play’ area in the back. There were also two small rooms that were for private groups. Meaning if we found someone or a couple we wanted to play with we could use those rooms and not be watched my everyone. The upstairs was the couples only area. There was a loft that youwin had porn playing on the TV. Then there was a guy sitting in a chair that blocked the hall that led back to 3 separate bedrooms and a bathroom, that was a naked only area. He was there to make sure single men didn’t go in, and that even couples were naked before entering. We decided to sit at a table near the dance floor and get some drinks. We sat and observed, both still feeling very shy as we watched. After a couple drinks I think I finally built up the courage to go exploring and Charles and I walked around. As we walked through a few crowds of people we headed to the big play room. There was another employee there to make sure nothing got out of hand. I thought that was odd at first. We went into the play room and there were 3 beds in the room, all low to the floor. Couches and chairs lined the outside of the room so people could sit and watch. The room was pretty empty so we sat and hoped we would see some action. I noticed then that I was the only woman in the room, and now that we had come in several more men and now a few couples were coming in. Charles and I still both feeling a bit nervous but both wanting to have some fun and not waste the night here decided to go over to one the beds. As we moved and got on a bed several men approached from all sides. They surrounded us as I started to give Charles a BJ. Charles at some point leaned forward and pulled up my skirt to show the entire room my ass and panties. One brave guy finally asked if he could touch and Charles said yes. This opened the flood gates and men began grabbing all over me. Charles helped them take my shirt off and helped me get out of my skirt. I was extremely shy as I looked up now the room was quite full of spectaters. We have no idea how men joined in, our guess is 10-12. Charles laid back and I climed on top of him, grinding on his cock as cocks started to appear all around me and hands felt my breasts, ass and everywhere else. Charles got stepped on more than once as guys tried to get their cocks to my mouth and hands. Everywhere I looked there was a new cock. I sucked on one while both hands jacked off two more, all the while I kept fucking Charles beneath me. I felt cum on my hand as one of the men had cum surprisingly quick from my handjob alone. Avoiding cum getting on me, when I felt someone cumming I typically leaned away from it, though Charles was stuck where he was and incidentally a few times cum fell on him. Eventually this Hispanic guy asked if he could fuck me and I said yes. He was behind me and I leaned forward, pulling off of Charles cock and this guy put his condom on and slid into me from behind. It felt so great and I was so turned on by now that I came several times while he fucked me. youwin güvenilir mi There was easily 30-40 people now in the room just watching me. I remember even hearing one say something like “is her husband even still under her?” Charles was completely blocked from view as I leaned over him, moaning as this guy fucked me from behind. I had to swat several hands away from my ass as I kept telling people no anal. I noticed the employee was close now too, helping keep me from being overrun. Cocks continued to appear in front of me and I sucked cock right above my husband’s face as I moaned from this guy behind me. Eventually this guy finished and was replaced by another. The second guy was no where near as good as the first and before long he was done and I took the opportunity to get up. We had to tell the guys around us over and over that we were done for now, and we got dressed. I remember having a hard time finding all my clothes that had become s**ttered. I remember also that Charles was pissed as there were several large drops of cum on his shirt too. We made our way out of the room and back to a table for more drinks. We watched as the large playroom simply emptied of people after we left. We had attracted quite the crowd.After a few more minutes we decided to go check out the upstairs. We went up and sat on a couch in the loft and watched the porn video for a few minutes. It was nice and quiet up here, we weren’t surrounded by the hungry eyes of all those men. Eventually we watched as another couple came up and got naked before heading to the back rooms. We were kind of waiting to see how it was done so after they left we followed. The bouncer at the door was very polite, talked to us about the weather. Older man. We asked if there were any special rules and he said just to be polite and that no means no. we went into the first room and it was occupied by a few couples, though they were all quite a bit older than us.In the next room there was a couple that was probly in their late 70’s, I mean very old. It was honestly kind of cool to see that they were that old and still into the lifestyle, but they were not for us! We went into the last and biggest third room. A few younger couples were in here, including 2 hot younger couples that appeared to be in mid swap as both women were moaning and cumming. We found a spot on the end of a bed and Charles bent me over and started fucking me from behind. Eventually an older but attractive couple came in and got next to us. After a minute the man asked Charles if we wanted to swap and he said sure. I moved to fuck this guy while his wife replaced me, sucking Charles cock. It was very erotic to cum next to Charles while he was playing with another woman. Eventually Charles was fucking her too youwin giriş and it was hot watching how hard she came on hubby. The guy I was with blew his load into his condom and Charles decided he was done, though he hadn’t cum yet. The couple got up and left and so did we. We noticed that time had flew by and that it was almost closing time so we went back to our hotel.The next night, Saturday night, the Rooster was even busier. It was quite crowded as we sat down to drink. Knowing how it worked this time we headed back to the big play room and instead of sitting on a bed we sat on the edge, near the door and near the bouncer. It was the same guy as the night before and he recognized us. He talked to us about the night before and said it was hot to see a girl that “knew what she wanted” I was surprised when I looked down to see that he had pulled his cock out. He asked me if I wanted to stroke it for him and I did. A crowd of men began to build around us now. The bouncer asked if id suck it and I said yes. As soon as he was in my mouth the room began to fill up again, men pressing in close with their cocks out, just hoping id reach out and grab or suck theirs too. Not forgetting about Charles on my other side I turned and pulled his cock out and sucked him too, going back and forth between him and the bouncer. Eventually the bouncer said we were all blocking the doorway and asked to move to the middle of the room. I was still surprised when he came with us, and I continued to suck his cock now and then. Once again Charles got beneath me and fucked me as I sucked and tugged at all the cock around me. And once again the room flooded with spectators. We stayed in the play room for quite a while, again no idea how many cocks I took that night, I know someone ate my pussy for a long time, a few more fucked me until they filled their condoms and left. Eventually we were able to make it free and got back to the bar. Dozens of times that night my husband got slaps on the back with guys saying thanks for sharing your wife or telling him how lucky he was to have me. Back upstairs we went and this time we found a hot couple that was playing with another couple and the 2 women were licking each other’s pussy. I had never done this before and as we watched one of the women invited me over. She was older than me and almost felt motherly as she taught me how to eat her pussy. Charles just sat and watched for a while. Her husband eventually got behind me and fucked me as I ate his wife. Once I was done with her Charles climbed up and fucked her too. It was so hot thinking his cock was in the pussy I had just licked. Eventually the time to leave had come again and we headed back to our hotel. We were both so horny on our drive home that I remember pulling my shirt down and letting anyone that passed have a good look at my boobs. We plan on going back soon, I hope to be even more brave in the play room and take more cock this time. We have also talked about Charles separating from me in the play room and acting like one of the random guys.

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