Hubbies Birthday


Hubbies BirthdayHubbies BirthdayHubbie has put some memoirs on here about how he used to play with his sister. I also come from an family playing background having first forced my Dad when I was f**fteen and have been playing with John, since I was about 17. My Mum never got involved as she was a bit of a prude and apparently boring in bed, hence my Father f***ing me. I wasn’t a virgin but his cock was big so the first few times he had to make me very wet to get it in me.John was and still is a nice 8 inches with good girth. I was delighted when Hubbie spoke of his background as it gave me the opportunity to be open with him about John. He in turn was pleased because he would be able to fuck his then sister in law while John took me. Over the years we have played many times and have got a nice circle of friends who join us from time to time.Skip forward to the present day, Sammy and Jemma are 25 and 21, and when younger Sammy looked a little like Rachel Stevens from S Club 7. They could be twins. John has re married to a bit of a hottie, Clare, aged 32, Paul is 21 and Lucy 18.It was Hubbies birthday and we decided to hold a party. We invited not only family but also swinging and non swinging friends, the swingers knew not to even think about starting anything until at least the Parents, Aunts and Uncles had left. Even then we had to be extremely careful because of our non swinging friends and c***dren. On that front we all decided that because of the ages of the c***dren, at the appropriate time in the evening canlı bahis once the non swingers had left, we would start slowly and see where it went. We were pretty sure they were all sexually active but the shock of their parents getting sexual even at our age may have been too much for the, parents don’t do that sort of thing!The last non swinging friend left about 10 and it was Hubbie who decided he would start dancing with Clare. I started dancing with Paul and John started dancing with Sammy. It was a slow dance and after a little while Hubbie was squeezing Clares arse and lifting her light summer dress slightly and you could just see her stocking tops. I pointed this out to Paul and asked if he wanted to do that to me and without saying a word his hands were on my backside and I in turn put my arms round his shoulders which not only lifted my dress a little more but also allowed him access to any part of my body. I could also feel his cock pressing against my tummy. I looked up at him and said you like that don’t you and as he looked down at me to say yes I pulled his face to me and our lips met and I drove my tongue deep into his mouth and he responded in kind and we had a very wet French kiss for quite some time. By the time we came up for air we looked round quite clearly so as not to be out done, Jemma and Lucy were also going for it big time. Jemma was quite clearly fingering her very hard.Clare was undressed apart from her holdups and Hubbie was eating her. John also had Sammy’s dress off and was bahis siteleri feasting on her huge nipples – she takes after me! Paul was now undoing the strap on my dress and just as it fell off my shoulders I sank to my knees and undid his trousers. He took after John because not only did he have a nice 8 inches or so but it was uncut and thick. I started at the base and licked all the way up to the tip and then swallowed the whole lot in one go and there was a sharp intake of breath and I started just bobbing my head up and down. Just then there was somebody behind me parting my lips and driving 2 fingers into my dripping pussy and the next I know a cock I knew was being driven into me – it was John. I was being double teamed by father and son!I didn’t need any help but John started playing with my clit and in no time I was cumming buckets. I took Pauls cock out of my mouth and was pumping it quite fast and then noticed that Clare was sitting on Hubbie and Sammy was kissing with her. Bugger me she was sitting on Hubbies face, clearly enjoying it as her nipples were so stiff and long.In the meantime Jemma had stripped off completely and she was holding her lips open while Lucy as fingering her and sucking on her stiff little clit. She was obviously very near to cumming and when she did she squirted like a fountain.Johns pace was really beginning to speed up and I knew he was going to come as well and I was staring at his wife right in the eye when he did. Clearly she was aware that he was cumming so got off güvenilir bahis Hubbie came over to me and as soon as John took his cock out she started lapping his cum from my pussy and armed with a mouthful she snogged me, French style, her tongue going all around the inside of my mouth making sure I had my share of my brothers cum.By Now Paul was fucking Lucy hard, probably a bit pissed off I hadn’t finished him but I was otherwise being used. Jemma had joined Sammy working on Hubbie although this time Sammy was sitting on his cock and Jemma on his face. It was surreal as they were just snogging as if they were sitting on a bench facing each other. I noticed Hubbies hips start moving just as Jemma started to mash her pussy in his face. I could see his tongue working her clit and her groans were getting louder and louder until she squirted her pussy juice on his face as she came. That was too much for Hubbie and he started pumping his sperm deep inside Sammy and this sparked an orgasm in her.Once finished she rolled off him and just laid there, her breathing heavy. I went over knelt between her open legs and dipped my tongue in her pussy and lapped up hubbies cream pie. Once I had finished me, Sammy and Jemma shared a very passionate kiss and hubbies sperm which brought to an end a very hot passionate start to the evening.While we were recovering from our exploits, the youngsters all admitted that they knew we were swingers and played together and indeed they played together also. With that all the barriers were removed and we continued to fuck in various combinations until about 5.When my John and the others left at about 11 later that morning, it was agreed that this was to be repeated, the sooner the better.

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