i guess its you first.


i guess its you first.It was evening time, my plan for the night were canceled, dad was sitting on coach watching ESPN and texting ( well i know 47 year old man chatting seems weird).. my mother was out of town from 2 months actually they had a fight and she was at her parent’s since then.I was starving so i went to kitchen in search of some food, open the door of refrigerator and putting my head inside in search of some food but my stars ain’t so good so once again i was with no food, i had no option other than cooking. I pulled out utensils which made some noise which made my dad worried so he came to see what happened, he said “jack whats the matter, what happen?” I replied with very annoyed tone nothing, he said “keep your tone proper young man”.Then he again went back and continued what ever he was doing. Suddenly a sound came from the living room “BTW what are you cooking”, I replied “pan caked”(apparently i make awesome pan cakes).. he said “make some for me” I yelled ‘for that you need to help old man’ [he laughing].i waited for sometime but he didn’t come then i started making it, then suddenly i felt someone standing behind me but i did pay that much attention because it was not too late for thief and my canlı bahis dad were too lazy to get up and come here so I did not pay attention and kept working, then i felt hand touching my waist and i was scared, before i turn back that fellow hugged me from behind and put his hands on my bulge(soft)i was really afraid and scared, i pushed him with all my strength and he fell down, i turned around and saw that i was my dad i was shocked i said ” what the fuck are you doing?” [afraid voice ]he said “i like you”me “this is not correct and i am not in support of it! go and fuck some dog from the street!! ” i got back at my work, he grabbed my hand and took me to his room. He opened my mother’s cupboard, he said “pull out her cloth and put them on, tonight we’ll have a fun night.. and yeah black,red and pink is my favourite color” he smiled and closed the door and went back in the living room. I was shocked and at the same time i wanted to always try her cloths on so i thought for sometime and then finally decided to wear one dress.First i pulled a pink nighty, tried it but it didn’t suit me so then i tried her some jeans and top then finally i tried her black dress and i liked it.. i know all this should be scary for bahis siteleri me but i was somwhere enjoying it, so then opened her drawer and saw her panties and thongs … i tried all of then but i like red one the most so i put it on.red bra and red panties. Since i dont have boobs it was all fat chest so i grabbed her panties and put it in my bra. now i was ready and now i was really scared.I went downstairs he saw me and said “beautiful, beautiful you look” i was still scared he said “dont be scared, come sit on my lap baby” he added “from now on i’ll call you jeel” then he was leaning his head towards me to kiss me.. i could feel his lips and beard touching my neck, I breath heavily my hands went around him automatically. After a kiss session he said “can you make me a drink” and i said “sure but..”i went into kitchen grabbed a glass and bottle of whisky, my that time he plugged his phone into music system and started playing soft music, and he also started fire.i made a drink and again went on his lap(this time he didn’t ask me to sit), i said ” i like sitting on your lap d*d” [he smiled]then we talked for some time and he was 5 pegs down. he kissed my lip and i also wanted so i also did, it was a long long güvenilir bahis kiss, juicy and tasty.his has was going from my thigh to my ass and i liked it, my both hands were on his head.”will you suck me?” he asked, i went down on kneel rubbed my hands on his thighs and on bulge .. opened his belt .. button… pull jeans down.. he moans there was it … nice warm bulge in underwear .. his thighs were bit hairy … i liked his bulge first, i made her grey underwear dark grey, then i pulled down his underwear, holding his bit brown dick in my hand, warm , thins and juicy .. with no with i sucked it and suck his hairy balls and made him cum.he then lifted me up and took in my room and threw me on bed, he crawled on me and started kiss from feet to mouth .. asked me to stand up and so i did .. he pused me on wall, tore my pantie and stuck his dick in my slowly then suddenly a stroke came.. it was good and painful he said “its your first i guess”.then on bed he asked me to do cowgirl style and i did and may other style,, then i started feeling like a girl/woman .. i felt i was his wife and said “i love you huni”he told me he is cuming .. he asked where i want it .. i said inside my mouth .. i sucked him hard .. i loved hos thick cum in my mouth … then he kissed and asked “did you like it “i said yes and then we took a bath together and he gave a good night kiss and i said “i love you .. i enjoyed .. i would love to be your girl again”

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