Life imitating art – the 70’s partial creampi


Life imitating art – the 70’s partial creampiI previously blogged this on this site, but it wasn’t long enough to allow for a ‘story.’ So I’m adding some funny dialogue that I found in my journal at the time of this awesome tryst, not present in the original blog entry. When I was in college in the md-late 1990’s, I bought a vintage porn flick on DVD called Bel Amie (1976). It starred Harry Reems (of Deep Throat fame) and featured a very hot scene with Reems and a gorgeous African actress (whose role was a sort of Nubian Princess). She fucks Reems and it was obviously a genuinely good lay because it ends with her riding him, she pops off his already cumming dick and ever so briefly you see a rather big dollup of cum slip out of her pussy and onto Reems’ abdomen. So you gotta’ figure this was some good fucking if Reems couldn’t even control himself to pull out before unloading. I remember thinking it was a pretty hot ending to a great sex scene canlı bahis but that I would never do that. Though I had unprotected sex at the time I was always a good puller-outer except for one time when a BBW refused to dismount after I announced “I’m cumming,” as a means of forcing me to ejaculate inside of her. (That’s another story I’ll have to share.) I always chalked my otherwise pristine record of pulling out and ‘the pill,’ to my never having gotten a woman pregnant (until I was trying to years later w/my wife).But as fate would have it shortly after viewing that ’76 flick, Bel Amie, I had the good fortune of meeting a very hot girl named Liz, at a popular bar at my college and having her back to my apartment. Yes, we had sex that night and fortunately, as was my custom, my night table lamp offered enough light for me to see everything. I still think if I hadn’t seen Bel Amie, this would never have happened, but sure enough we bahis siteleri got into that same position described above where she was pretty much sitting on top of me while gliding her brown bush and dark pink lips up and down my shaft. Well, not only does her pussy feel absolutely awesome on my cock especially my glans, but it looks exactly like the final segment of that scene from Bel Amie (save Liz is not black). In fact, though Reems may have an inch on me, my cock looks practically identical to his especially in terms of girth. So basically I’m feeling like Harry Reems in 1976 and loving every second of it. Liz of course, has no idea what’s going through my head, but as she got to that telltale last plunge before I ordinarily would have the presence of mind to withdraw and start ejaculating outside, I went total Harry Reems on her, keeping my cock in her for 1-2 more seconds long enough to heave that first spurt of semen inside of güvenilir bahis her. As reflexively as the actress in Bel Amie, Liz bounced off my spooging cock and in doing so my ‘deposit’ issued right out of her pussy (like the African porn actress) landing in my pubic hair. It was one of those memorable experiences where life imitated art so seamlessly.Needless to say, no harm no foul. During afterglow, she quipped, “It’s a good thing I’m careful about taking the pill, there’s still some cum inside of me.” [This next exchange is additional to my original blog.] I replied, “I know, I know, I was a little late pulling out, but I only got the first shot inside of you, and your pussy spit it out anyhow.” “See,” I said and pointed to the ‘rejected deposit’ still embedded in my pubic hair. “Well, my pussy didn’t spit all of it out. She’s a pretty thirsty, ‘ya know,” she quipped and pointing to my drenched abdomen said, “Look at all that cum. It’s a good thing I bounced off. That mush would challenge any birth control pill.” I didn’t correct her on the way birth control pills worked, but suffice it to say, she didn’t get pregnant and I got to be Harry Reems for a night!

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